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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Paranormal Activity (2009)

Paranormal activity is not one of those typical horror movies that give you periodic jolts but instead one that keeps you rooted to the spot with your heart clenched. It is only the grasp that tightens when you aren't fully prepared, and loosens when you're at your breaking point, just so that you can sit through it without having a heart attack.

While it awakens memories of another horror movie, it can be interpreted as trying to glimmer in the shadow of "The Blair Witch Project". It was the director's intentions. Nevertheless, it is a shadow that exceedingly towers and then insolently looks down. For its meager budget of $15,000, I personally am glad that it grossed over $100,000,000 at the box office.

Straightforward as it may be, its principal characters are played so effortlessly in the most naturalistic way, subsequently making them comprehensible. Micah and Katie, despite their idiosyncrasies, are both pleasant, likeable people. Katie's enthusiasm from the day she moves into her boyfriend, Micah's house, gradually dies down like the hope of a cynic fading away with time. The movie keeps getting more and more "freaky", a term used endlessly to describe any kind of paranormal activity that occurs in the "haunted" house. Without exempting it of its nobility, there is one trivial question I'd like to ask. Why doesn't Katie move over to the other side of the bed? Wouldn't it keep her at a safer distance from the demon? Isn't Micah the adventurous daredevil? I cease to believe that it was a deliberate goof.

This movie isn't just a must watch but must be watched alone with headphones in a dark room. But beware, once you've finished watching it, you're going to be stared at by every inanimate object from every corner in the room including the corners themselves. No, it isn't just me.

Rating- 7/10


  1. Finally, a critic who writes reviews that serve to enlighten the reader about the film from an unbiased position. You must really be analyzing the films to get such an in-depth view. Great job. Don't ever agree to work under someone!

  2. not another typical review well u can say it is one of best horror movies in 2009 but i liked whr u mentioned about katie moving over proves ur smartness over director

  3. I loved this movie, and your review brought back vivid images from the scenes :)

    Really really good review though.

  4. I don't get one thing. Why would Katie shifting to the other end of the bed make any difference to the demon. He can just go around to the other side stealthily. Katie herself does that a couple of times when she walks over to the other side and stares down at Micah in the night. :|

    A very nice review. I thought the movie was great. By the way, which version did you see? There're three different endings to the movie. Mail me the ending you saw, lest someone should come here without seeing the movie and read about the ending. :P



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